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I give my all to my clients, so that I can provide the best for my family.  I got started in the blind business in 1993 working for a friend of mine as an installer in orange county.  Later, I got hired by another friend to do his sales and installations.  I was studying to be a spanish teacher, and working in the blind business was a way to make some spending money until I finished school.  In 1999, I moved to northern california to finish my last year of studies.  While in northern california, I started my own blind company.  That same year, I met my wife Diana and married her on July 30, 2000.  Diana and I worked as a team on both estimates and installations.  We waited on having children until we felt that we were in a position to provide for them.  In 2004, we felt like the time was right for children, and on April 7, 2005 our precious daughter Kelly was born. 2  years later we completed the family with the birth of our son Gianni  on December 17th, 2007. Our lives have had a new purpose ever since.


My wife Diana gives me the strength that I need to get through each day.  Even when we were together 24/7 the first four years of our marriage, people would be amazed at how well we got along.  The truth is that she is my best friend and I miss being with her 24/7, but she now has a far more important job, taking care of our kids, and she's great at it!!!


Kelly and Gianni are my inspirations, the #1 reason for my working  hard every day. The day that Kelly was born she changed our lives  forever, for the better. Our kids have brought to our family a joy  that neither Diana nor I had known all of our years before them. They are 3 and 6 now, Gianni's a momma's boy and Kelly is daddy's little  girl. She definitely has me wrapped around her finger.